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Read M&C Is Amazing Cleaning Services Policies and Procedures

M&C Is Amazing Cleaning Services strives to be the best we can be at providing exceptional house cleaning service, we have created a clear set of policies and procedures that allow us to offer each client fair and consistent service. To maintain our high standards and provide fair and consistent service for you . We require all clients to be aware of and adhere to the following policies and procedures

Phone Estimates:

We do assess each space prior to cleaning ,we believe we would be doing you a disservice by providing a quote for cleaning services over the phone. Why? Because we don’t want to give you a quote that we may or may not be able to honor once we arrive to your home. We don’t offer cleaning services that are “one size fits all”, so for us to provide you with an accurate price, we need to do a walk-through with you and discuss your unique needs. This way, we will be able to tailor a cleaning plan that fits your needs and quote you an accurate price that we can honor. Our customers generally find our prices for cleaning services affordable and competitive. There is never any obligation with our cleaning service estimate.

How to Prepare for Your Cleaning:

Your price of cleaning is based on the cleaning technicians focusing all of their time and energy on cleaning, not  routine housekeeping. We ask that you take a few minutes the night before a scheduled service to “pick up.” This will allow the cleaning technicians easy access to the areas/surfaces to be cleaned: floors, countertops, table tops, etc. and removing dirty dishes from kitchen sinks. If you’d like our cleaning technicians to do these tasks for you, please call us(in advance) so your cleaning fee can be adjusted for the additional “cleaning preparation” time.

Cleaning Time:

We reinforce that we charge per job, not per hour. We are trained and have skills to clean in a shorter period of time, This does not mean that it costs less. Also, if you decide to give our team less work than agreed in the initial estimate, we will still charge the full amount unless discussed in advance.

Special Requests:

Any special requests or additional service requests should be submitted before . Contact us in advance to schedule any additional services to communicate any requests.

Arrival Window:

We typically schedule cleanings between 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on Monday through Friday. We will provide you with an estimated arrival time, but we work in a two-hour arrival window except for the first appointment of the day which is the 7:00 – 9:00 a.m. arrival window. We do will use their best efforts to arrive on schedule, however, traffic conditions, late cancellations, inclement weather, or other unforeseen circumstances may affect the scheduled time. If you require a more specific arrival time please contact  at 8 am on the day of your scheduled cleaning.

Access To Your Home

The client can purchase a lockbox to place a key inside and provide Amazing Cleaning Services with the access code. This is the safest and our preferred method of entry. If you choose to give us a set of keys, they will be placed in a secure safe at our office when not in use. The keys will not be marked with any of your personal information. The client may also choose to provide us with a garage code in order for us to gain access to the home. Lastly, the client may opt to be home to allow access to their home on the day of service. Although we do our best to provide each customer with a one-hour arrival window Amazing Cleaning cannot guarantee the exact arrival times so the client must be home between 7:30 am and 5:00 p.m to let the cleaning technician into the home.

In the event, the client chooses to leave a door unlocked or place a key under a mat or any other unsecured place for the cleaning technicians to gain entry into the home Amazing Cleaning will not be held liable for any damages or theft to the client’s home.

It is the responsibility of the client to make sure we are able to access your home to provide your scheduled cleaning. Failure to do so, may result in cancellations, and unfortunately we may need to charge to cover our crew wages, since MA law requires us to pay at least 4 hours of their daily rate.  There will be no exceptions.

Late Cancellations & Lockouts:

We require at least 48 hours notice for cancellation, or 50% cleaning fee may apply, of course this doesn’t apply for emergencies and special health related circumstances. Unfortunately, the client will be billed for service at the full rate for failing to provide access to the home upon arrival if we are unable to get in to clean or are turned away at the door. There will be no exceptions

Rescheduling or Skipping Your Recurring Cleanings:

When rescheduling a recurring cleaning for more than seven days from the original date, an additional fee will be added to cover the additional work on the next visit. To avoid an additional charge, please ensure that your requested rescheduled date is within seven days of your original cleaning date.

You are welcome to skip a scheduled cleaning.

If we price our home cleaning services, based on frequency, therefore if you need to cancel or move a week, to ensure you will get an extra amount of time to provide you with a great cleaning, we will have the following charges:   

1 week late  – Regular cleaning fee + $25 

2 weeks+ late – Regular cleaning fee + $45 cleaning fee

2 months, we will charge a deep cleaning fee, which is about how much we charged for the 1st cleaning fee.

All schedule changes and cancellations must be made through: Contact  (508) 400-1756  (774) 615-1651 Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. with any questions.

Price Increases:

M&C Is Amazing CleaningServices reserves the right to increase its rates at any time. You will be given advance notice of a price increase. A price adjustment might also happen if the conditions or needs of your home have changed. If you discontinue service, then later reinstate services you may receive a new rate.

Damages & Breakage:

We are extremely careful, but accidents can happen when you least expect them. We will alert you to an at-fault breakage or damage, and work out a fair solution, which involves repairing or replacing the item within reason. Clients have 24 hours to report anything broken or damaged in the rare instance that we fail to alert you. M&C Is Amazing Cleaning Services can assume no liability for items that were broken or damaged because of unstable bases or because they were not properly attached or secured to the wall (for example wall-mounted TVs, picture frames, floating shelves, curtain rods, etc.).

Surfaces such as hardwood floors and natural stone should be kept in good and ready-to-clean condition without causing harm to the surfaces when using a neutral pH cleaner.

M&C Is Amazing Cleaning Services will not be responsible for scratches on the flooring due to unprotected furniture legs.

Pets :

We love our clients’ pets, but for their safety and the safety of our staff, if possible, please put your pets in a secure area of the home during the cleaning. Pets left inside the home during your cleaning service will be protected to the best of our ability.We love our clients’ pets, but for their safety and the safety of our staff, if possible, please put your pets in a secure area of the home during the cleaning. 


We provide  equipment. We do ask that you provide the following; Supplies quimics, paper towels and trash bags. We will bring the rest.

Thank you for taking the time to review M&C Is Amazing Cleaning Services customer guidelines. 

Thank you for your cooperation and your patronage.

We are honored to price our house cleaning services to you and hope this experience is a memorable one!

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